M M Visa-Aid Consultancy Private Limited is a "Brand" Name @ "Bangalore-India" operating from the above-mentioned office for more than a decade ! This Office is run by highly qualified/experienced professionals. The Company is duly incorporated in India & also have umpteen number of registrations with Australian Government and/or its assessing authorities based in Australia.

The Managing Director & CEO of the Company is having Multiple "Masters" Degrees/Accreditations gained from India & Australia - he has close to 3-decades of experience working thru for Departments / Establishments coming under the Revenue, Finance & Banking & Foreign Affairs of Government of India. He also lived in Australia for close to 6 years; thus have first-hand information about Australia, which helps in pragmatically assessing your profile & guiding you properly on your conceived options of relocating to Australia i.e.

(1) Skilled Migration.
(2) Employer Sponsored Migration.
(3) Business Migration to Australia.

For the first of these two activities, you may play the video that is a plain talk from the MD (CEO) of the Company. For the third activity i.e. Business Migration, you may follow the link in this web site, which has lots of valuable information; besides directing you to the web site of Australian Government for gaining further information.

The Consultants at M M Visa-Aid Consultancy Private Limited (hereinafter referred to as MM Visa) have an extensive experience in dealing with all parameters related to Australian migration; thus we remain Australia Visa Specialists in Indian market; with a global reach i.e. our clientele base extends around the globe; so does our name/fame!

The Director/s of MM Visa are highly qualified/ educated; both in India and Australia. They have a seasoned experience of about 17 years. Our Immigration Specialists (also called as Consultants) are the organizations biggest strength. Our Consultants have an extensive experience in immigration laws pertaining to different visa categories of Australia. During this extended period, we accounted for thousands of approvals of various types of visas for our clients; most approvals are uploaded in our web site and available in year-wise archives therein too.

As such, we at “MM Visa” cater to all visa categories to Australia with a specialization in Permanent Residency/ Others under General Skilled Visa Category, Work Visas/Permit under Employer Sponsored Visa Category, Temporary and Permanent Business Visas under Business Visa Categories, Temporary Visas under Student Visas/Permits, Visitor/Tourist Visa and Provisional Visas under Spouse/ Child Visa Categories among others.