During consultation an Immigration Specialist (or Consultant) has to encounter various questions and deliver prompt, authentic and genuine replies that not only satisfy the client, but also clears doubts of clients, if any. Questions however simple or complicated; are of equal significance to us. There are various common queries that our Consultants encounter.

Question 1:

Am I required to produce an offer letter from an employer while applying for a Permanent Residency?

No, you are not in requirement of an offer letter at the time of application for a Permanent Residency. A permanent residency requires you to have your skills assessed by the authorized body of the particular skill set. As an additional benefit, MM Visa can give assistance in processing your skills assessment for skilled migration to Australia, which helps to gain legal status in the country to source employment.

Question 2:

How is permanent residency different from a temporary work permit?

A permanent residency is a provision that gives you the benefit of staying permanently in Australia for specified number of years and after the completion of this duration an individual can apply for the citizenship of the country OR opt to remain indefinitely as a permanent resident of Australia. The country offering permanent residency does so, solely on the basis of an individual’s skills and qualification. The applicant might or might not be in requirement of a sponsorship, depending upon the nature of the visa category and prevailing laws. Under a permanent residency, an individual can work with full time with no work restrictions. An accompanying spouse is also eligible to work full time. A permanent resident is also eligible for various rights that are granted by the said foreign Government.

A work permit is a provision wherein an applicant can move to Australia on the basis of an employment. The time duration for which the individual can stay in is entirely dependent on the terms and conditions set down by the employer. The individual agree to work in accordance to the terms and conditions set down by the employer and enter into a mutual contract with him/her. An accompanying spouse in normal course, will also be allowed to work full time in the Australia. The applicant necessarily requires obtaining a sponsorship from the employer to authenticate the employment opportunity in the concerned organization. An individual can obtain a work visa/permit even through an intra-company transfer.

Question 3:

Which category of the English Test do I need to prepare to gain a Visa to Australia?

For Skilled Migration, many types of online and paper-based tests are introduced i.e. IELTS/ TOEFL/ PTE/ OET/ Cambridge English. In that, 2 modules are there i.e. General Training and Academic Training. Depending on the type of visa that one may apply for; Consultants at MM Visa may provide suitable advise on same as per legislative provisions governing the compliance requirements therein.

Question 4:

Does my spouse need to pass English Test too?

If you are applying for Skilled Migration, then any additional applicant or dependant above 18 years of age will have to pass English Test; if they are not citizens of defined English Speaking countries. However, the level of scores expected by spouse would be significantly less. IMPORTANTLY, if spouse is illiterate and/or unable to take up English Test or Pass the same; then English Tuition fees can be paid before migration to Australia. Such requirements do not normally apply for temporary / provision visas. Consultants at MM Visa can provide suitable advise on same; depending on the type of visa that spouse needs to apply for.

Question 5:

Is my spouse allowed to work full time under a permanent residency?

Yes. Australian Government @ The Department of Home Affairs (DHA) grant full time working rights to accompanying spouse or dependant/s, if the main applicant holds a permanent residence or skilled visa. Working rights of an individual are entirely dependent on the visa category and prevailing terms and conditions of the country.

Question 6:

Am I allowed to work, while I am pursuing my degree in a foreign country?

Australian Government permit international students to work part time while pursuing their full-time course. The number of hours is limited as per the rules and regulations of the country. Every student has to abide by the rules and regulations put down by the country to be able to continue working part time and later on acquire a residence visa / bridging visa / work permit. The part time work permit is considered as a part of the project of the course or even otherwise i.e. an external work beyond course. This provision has been granted to the international students to support their expenses and also to gain an insight into the corporate world of Australia.

Question 7:

Can I work temporarily while on a Visitor Visa to Australia?

No. If you want to work; then short-term or long-term temporary business visas of appropriate categories could be opted for; in lieu of Visitor or Tourist Visa. Terms and Conditions governing legislative provisions as enunciated by above-said DHA applies; same also means that one has to meet compliance requirements as required for a particular category of Visa to Australia.

Question 8:

Do I need a job offer for a work visa/permit to Australia?

Yes, DHA officials require an individual to be in possession of a valid offer letter to be able to obtain a work visa/permit. The employment offer is to be made by the employer inviting the applicant to work for his/her organization in the host country Australia. The employer additionally needs to offer sponsorship to the applicant to authenticate his stay in the country. To be able to do so, the employer must satisfy his/her credibilities before being approved to sponsor overseas workers to work on site in Australia; same following Labour Market Testing (LMT) / Other rules in force from time to time.

Question 9:

Can my parents accompany me on a student visa?

If you hold a student permit and above 18 years of age, your parents cannot accompany you to the foreign country. A spouse or a fiancé can accompany you under the student visa / permit. If so, spouse of student can work full time; while student would have restrictive work rights; same as stipulated by visa conditions of visa grant extended. However, there is a separate provision for school going scholars. Migration Department permits students below 18 to be accompanied by their parents during their schooling. There is a specific sub class that the accompanying parent has to apply for to be able to enter the country. The Government may or may not permit the accompanying parent to work in Australia to support his/her stay in the country; same largely depends on the type of visa one may apply for and granted by DHA/ it’s representative offices overseas.

Question 10:

Till when can I apply for a permanent residency?

Australian Government @ DHA has a separate eligibility criteria for applying for a permanent residency for foreign nationals. It limits the age bar to 45; beyond which an individual is not eligible to apply for a permanent residency; though spouse beyond 45 years can be included for permanent residency; if main applicant is less than 45 years of age on date of application with DHA; not date of decision.

Question 11:

What is MARA?

MARA stands for Migration Agents Registration Authority. It is the governing body in Australia that authenticates the functioning and registration of the Lawyers practicing Australian Immigration and Citizenship Law.

Question 12:

Who is Offshore Agent of DHA?

A person operating beyond the shores of Australia, as a resident of such country; could get identified by DHA; thus UID Number could be allocated to competent person, who can use such identity to process applications of people for migration to Australia and/or for travel to Australia; dealing with DHA and their representative offices around the world; thus acting for and on behalf of applicants around the world.

Question 13:

How secure is my data with MM Visa?

MM Visa performs all its activities under a complete Data Protect Act. All your credentials are safe with us and security guaranteed.

Question 14:

How do I confirm my eligibility for permanent migration to Australia? How can I know the different visa sub-classes that suit my profile?

Various Migration Categories have separate eligibility criterions for declaring an individual competent enough for migration to Australia i.e. living and working in the country. Australian Government @ DHA follows a basic points based system to determine the eligibility of an individual. The points tested category as it is termed; determine as to which visa category will suit an individual the best. For further information and guidance you can consult with our Immigration Experts.
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