Terms and Conditions

The MM Visa website has been carefully drafted and designed both in content and technical aspects to provide and deliver a comprehensive, understanding and user interface for all our users alike. The terms and conditions have been drafted carefully encompassing all areas of interest and concerns for an applicant. Applicants usually like to explore the method of operations of an organization and determine whether the working norms suit their requirements. MM Visa makes sure that all applicants are aware of our operational norms and are aware of our policies. We also require the applicants to respect and acknowledge our privacy policies. For a better understanding of the policies, read below the terms and conditions that we abide by.

Terms and Conditions

(1) The use of words, such as ‘Us’, or ‘We’ refers to the organization as a whole. It refers to MM Visa.

(2) ‘You’ is referred to the end user or the interested, willingly using/ accessing our website.

The usage of the website is subject to the following terms and conditions

(1) The information transmitted and broadcasted in the form of content on the website is strictly for your general use and in no way can be used as your own or copied.

(2) The information provided is as per the prevailing conditions and laws and regulations and is likely to alter or change as per the change in legal policies.

(3) The website keeps a track of the cookies to keep an eye on the browsing preferences and needs of all users. In case you do not permit the usage of the cookies then the information can be used for third party data usage namely :

(i) Name

(ii) Designation / Job Title

(iii) Contact

(iv) Demographic Detail

MM Visa or any third party is not liable for any details mentioned. The details provided are true, correct, precise, updated, in accordance to the legal terms and conditions, as per the best of our knowledge. In case of any change in information we are not liable for the changes made. The team at MM Visa timely updates the information on the website and ensures awareness amongst all clients alike. We refrain from imparting any misleading or outdated information to our users.

Usage and understanding of any information or material on the website is absolutely at your own perception and understanding and MM Visa will not be held responsible for the variation in understanding of the subject matter. MM Visa at no point will be held responsible for the products being endorsed. The user agrees to take complete responsibility of his actions and decisions.

At no point of time can an applicant contact any of the Immigration Advisors or Immigration Lawyers at MM Visa. It is not legally permitted or authorized for an applicant to directly connect with our legal authorities. There is a provision of connecting with the Lawyers. The applicant or a registered user has to coordinate with his Case Manager to connect to the Lawyer over a conference call or a meeting. This communication can only be authenticated and undertaken with the knowledge and of the Case Manager. With all due respect we would like to intimate our clients that any violation of this condition will lead to a direct termination of the contract between the applicant and MM Visa. The termination will be in immediate effect from the point of violation of the terms and conditions laid down by the organization. Also, MM Visa will not be liable for any kind of fund to the applicant (partial of full). Additionally, the remaining balance will be payable by the applicant with immediate effect.

There is a refund policy that the organization agrees to abide by. The organization agrees to refund the entire amount or a partial amount of the fees.

This condition comes into existence only after the Board of Directors at any point of time find that the information imparted to the applicant was misleading or incorrect which led to the refusal or rejection of the case. It is then, that the organization becomes liable for the outcome of the result. It is also important to note that the organization will not be legally bound to pay you any amount over and above the amount payable to us. We render the services and charge the applicants for the consultancy provided. We do not guarantee the outcome. MM Visa charges you a specified sum for the services being rendered and is payable only after the completion of an assessment and consultation.

The material on the website is protected under Copyrights Law of India and worldwide according to the International Conventions and Treaties, and in no manner can an individual use it for personal use. All the trademarks are replicated, (which may or may not be the property of the body operating this) and publically accepted on the website. Any misuse of the website and the content will compel us to take legal action against the user. The website can also carry links to additional information regarding the subject matter, this in no way means that we, endorse the website nor can we be held responsible for the information provided on that website.

Usage of the website for summarizing does not by any means symbolize an association between the advisor-client or consultant-client association and the guest/reader/browser. An advisor client will be liable for any commitment only after the client and the applicant have entered into a mutual contract/ agreement; same would be after payment of consideration sums to the consultant as due. All the terms and conditions of such an agreed contract for employing the services do not comply with the terms and conditions of the website. Since the deal of engagement could vary from client to client, hence it remains the sole responsibility of the user to ask for a copy of the bond or contract or agreement, which will be relevant to his case. An individual in possession of such a written contract can in no way be used for redistribution purposes. An applicant is strictly prohibited for any such related action. Any deviation from the specified rules can lead to an immediate action against the offender.

A registered user can sure use the content on the website for his reference through the following means:

(1) A user can use the content for his personal use, but is refrained from doing so for monetary gains.

(2) A user can copy the content for individual third parties for their reference, but should not publicly declare credit to the website.

(3) The terms and conditions strictly refrains users, at any point of time to distribute, or utilize the given material, for commercial purposes. In no manner can an individual can copy the content and pass it on or store the same with another website or electronic recovery organism.

Using the website automatically obliges you to act in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined by the organization.